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Helping your patients manage their care in the comfort of home

MyHealthPoint is a chronic condition management platform providing you access to patient health information in real time, and helping patients manage their condition at home.

The cloud-stored patient record can be populated from a variety of sources, such as health devices like blood pressure monitors and glucometers, and wellness devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks. Patients can also manually enter information about their general health and diet, and share it with professional carers and family members.

Reminders and alerts allow better condition management, prompting medication intake and test completion. Carers are notified of a failure to complete a test, a variation in pattern, or registration of an out-of-range reading.

Features and benefits:

  • Monitor heart health through wireless blood-pressure charting
  • Manage diabetes with a wireless glucometer tracker with alerts on customisable readings
  • Manage medication, doses and frequency with alerts for medication compliance and repeat prescriptions
  • Chart nutritional information, including calorie intake and weight ratios
  • Record exercise information with GPS and wellness devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone


MyHealthPoint improves diagnosis and treatment, increases responsiveness, and reduces doctor and hospital visits through reminders, alerts and comprehensive health data. More health information means more effective care plans for patients suffering from chronic illness.