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National Telehealth Connection Service

Telehealth that lets you connect across health organisation boundaries for clinical collaboration

The National Telehealth Connection Service creates a virtual healthcare system from unconnected systems, making collaboration and coordination within, and across, healthcare organisations much easier.

Australian telehealth networks have generally developed in isolation in order to meet specific business needs, resulting in an unconnected system. To date, it has been difficult to link the different technologies and communicate across the system.

Now, our Telehealth Connection Service allows individual health jurisdictions to securely and reliably connect - integrating video services and implementing clinical collaboration across Australia.

Participating jurisdictions connect directly to our Telehealth Connection Service via a secure, private network while other participants can access the service via the web.


  • Readily available infrastructure
  • 24 x 7 service desk
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Service delivery manager
  • Single point of contact for service issues
  • Flexible commercial model