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Healthcare integration engine with powerful monitoring, reporting and analytics

Synchronicity is a healthcare integration platform designed to integrate existing on-premise and cloud based healthcare applications across the health care setting, such as pharmacy, radiology and aged care.

Synchronicity enables organisations to take advantage of cloud infrastructure while ensuring interoperability across a full range of existing systems. All monitoring and management of these integrated solutions can be handled from a single console – even across a widely dispersed network. Powerful monitoring, reporting and analytics help ensure you understand how your solutions are working so you can be proactive and respond to events quickly and efficiently.This can have significant benefits for healthcare networks that span large distances and have multiple sites.

Synchronicity provides all of the typical tools expected of a healthcare integration engine including HL7, CDA, FHIR and other standards, while also leveraging the unique features of the Cloud and SaaS applications.


  • Connect on-premise and cloud-hosted applications across a dispersed network into one platform
  • Improve the monitoring and management of your systems, independent of location, through a single console
  • Design, develop, debug, test, deploy and integrate your own applications and solutions with easy-to-use intuitive, step-by-step tools