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A health intelligence platform that unites fragmented care

Spine creates a dynamic, real-time knowledge base by gathering, aggregating and analysing varying types of information from a wide range of sources across care settings.

In the context of a patients’ health journey, Spine can provide a comprehensive, longitudinal view of each patient record to create a continually evolving information source, accessible by the entire care team within the hospital. Clinical information gathered from within the hospital enterprise can be aggregated and analysed against information from external sources, such as population health studies, to help enable evidence-based decision making. 

Spine can also aggregate structured health data for rapid and thorough analysis . Spine can reveal health and behaviour patterns to deliver a big picture view of the patient population to inform decision-making about the care needs of every individual.


  • Improve population health through fast analysis of a wide range of aggregated health data, while maintaining patient privacy
  • Deliver best-practice care through informed decision making from longitudinal health data
  • More efficient use of resources by drawing on information gathered and analysed in real time to compare potential outcomes and costs