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Quality Investigator

The smart way to monitor and manage clinical quality and patient safety

Quality Investigator puts your patient and analysis information in an easy-to-use format. You’ll have firsthand access to a measurement tool that monitors quality outcomes and patient safety against key indicators such as mortality, readmission rates, length of stay and patient safety.

Compare inpatient data

  • Benchmarked against peers
  • Assessed across diagnoses, procedures or clinicians
  • Risk adjusted against patient characteristics for true intelligent comparison
  • With both a broad view of clinical quality and detailed patient-level information

Quality Investigator is underpinned by the expert academic insight of the Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College London.

In over 70% of English acute hospitals and more than 30 Australian hospitals, Quality Investigator provides:

  • A comprehensive understanding of quality and safety
  • Sharp understanding of clinical outcome factors
  • Analysis of the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio (HSMR)
  • Analysis of other key indicators; re-admissions, length of stay, day case rates and patient safety
  • Comparison of two or more criteria for a detailed view of relative risk
  • Performance benchmarking against peer groups using a consistent, risk adjusted data set
  • Smart alerts for focus area and adjustable thresholds for cumulative sum control chart (CUSUM)
  • A view of patient journey beyond their own health service