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Helping hospitals to accurately predict patient admissions.

Managing beds is hard. Predicting when patients will arrive is even harder. Telstra Health Predict has been designed to help hospitals understand when patient volumes in emergency departments will fluctuate and manage staffing, patient overflow and outliers. Telstra Health Predict provides the numbers to back your resourcing decisions.



Manage Beds

Telstra Health Predict (Patient Admission Prediction) Tool has been designed to enable healthcare organisations better understand how many beds they will need on a day-by-day or week-by-week basis.

Deal with capacity fluctuations

Telstra Health Predict is designed to provide planning for capacity fluctuations by predicting when patients will arrive. Using advanced algorithms, Telstra Health Predict has been developed to optimise efficient use of resources, and lets you know when you’ll need beds – and when you won’t.

Empower your workforce

Is it flu season? Are holidays coming up? Telstra Health Predict is designed to enable better decision making for workforce planning. Imagine knowing who you’ll need, and what resources you’ll require, ahead of time, every time.

Treat your patients

Sometimes capacity constraints mean elective surgery is postponed. This has a cost for the healthcare organisation, and the patient. Telstra Health Predict has been designed to help you understand how seasonal variations, workforce requirements and patient needs can be brought together and managed efficiently.

Telstra Health Predict is available as either a stand-alone web-based product, or as an integrated module within Telstra Health’s Patient Flow Manager.

Watch our video on how Predict is helping Austin Health to improve accuracy in resource allocation.