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Enabling the delivery of safer medication management and patient care

Powered by eRx Script Exchange, MedView is the national cloud based platform that gives health professionals a full picture of their patient’s medication history, as well as tools to manage their care.

Patients who provide consent will have their records stored securely in a national repository for their healthcare professionals to access via desktop PC and mobile devices.


  • All health professionals can access and contribute to a consolidated history of their patient’s prescribed and dispensed medication.
  • Patients can view their complete medications list anywhere, anytime.
  •  Additional tools to support the provision of medications management, patient management and professional services.
  • Safe, secure and Privacy Act compliant.


  • A clearer picture of a patient’s medications history, regardless of how many doctors, pharmacies or hospitals visited.
  • Better communication between a patient’s healthcare team.
  • Improved medications management and health outcomes for patients.