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Powerful pharmacy tools that let you get on with business

Our pharmacy solutions support all aspects of running your business including dispensing, back office, head office and retail management.

Manage your critical pharmacy operations from one, integrated software solution. Fred provides powerful pharmacy tools that reduce errors, build efficiencies and consolidate your core operations.

Fred Dispense

Discover simple, fast, reliable and flexible dispensing. Fred Dispense uses minimal keystrokes, gives fast access to patient history, and instant checks on repeat prescriptions. With a workflow designed by pharmacists, easy and efficient dispensing is within reach.


  • Clinical intervention functionality
  • Integrated robotics and third party drug database solutions
  • ScanCheck barcode dispensing
  • PBS online enabled
  • Integrates with all major pharmacy POS systems
  • eRx Script Exchange functionality
  • Linked to eRx Express mobile app
  • Integrated with MyHR 



  • ScanCheck Rx reduces dispensing miscalculation with a barcode scan to alert you to possible errors and detect if the repeat is from another pharmacy
  • eRx Script Exchange allows GPs and medical specialists to send prescriptions electronically through a secure, encrypted gateway for retrieval at the patient’s pharmacy of choice in Australia
  • My HR integration creates a secure platform for sharing health information between healthcare professionals

Fred Office

Built using Microsoft design principles, Fred Office is a customisable, back office software system that makes running your pharmacy easier and more profitable. It manages both dispensary and front of shop from one application, giving you a storewide picture of pharmacy performance.


  • Item management
  • Store transfers
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Inventory management
  • Flexible reporting
  • AppCAT Assistant


  • Quickly and easily access AppCAT information - the central product repository of thousands of pharmacy product lines - allowing you to get the right information, at the right time
  • Reduced user errors and data inconsistencies with inventory management tools including rate of usage and enhanced AppCAT integration
  • Creation of custom reports with an easy-to-use dashboard that export to Excel and PDF to meet your business needs 

Fred POS

Adaptable to your retail environment, Fred POS software allows you to automate the full range of point of sale processes. It also allows store managers to maintain tight control over inventory, pricing, suppliers, promotions, customer information and reporting.