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Next generation healthcare management

Clarity is an enterprise solution designed to assist with clinical, financial and administrative patient for day hospitals, and large-scale networks of medical specialty, allied health and GP clinics.

Highly flexible, customisable and cloud-enabled, Clarity unifies the data of in these complex, large scale networks into a single consolidated source.

With real-time access, leveraging clinical, patient and operational information, and with inbuilt power of predictive analytics, Clarity can help improve the timeliness and quality of care, in turn improving patient outcomes. It also enables you to optimise workflow efficiencies to help make the best use of the clinician’s time. And it enables sophisticated business planning for future growth.

The benefits of Clarity for your organisation include:

  • Improve patient care through real-time access to clinical information
  • Achieve workflow efficiencies and faster turnaround times by streamlining workflow processes
  • Predict future probabilities and trends by drawing on real-time patient, clinical, population, administrative, business and financial information
  • Prepare for growth or organisational changes through sophisticated business planning