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Hospital information system with unlimited possibilities

Arcus is a comprehensive hospital information system that not only manages patient administration and financial functions, but also integrates these with an advanced clinical information system.

Our solution is designed to unify the entire hospital network as a powerful communications and collaboration platform that can be used by the entire care team and administrative staff.

Arcus supports the patient journey through the hospital from admission to discharge. The system provides immediate, secure access to a patient’s up-to-date electronic medical record, and offers analytics and alerting capabilities at the point when clinical decisions are being made.

Arcus can be hosted on premise, in the Cloud or in a hybrid environment and can be accessed anywhere, anytime allowing clinicians to work on the move. As a single unified system, Arcus helps to improve care coordination, minimise treatment delays, reduce medication errors and test duplication. 

The benefits of Arcus for your organisation include:

  • Integrate administrative and clinical  information in one unified system
  • Minimise test duplication and improve turnaround times with all patient information in one place
  • Improve the accuracy of documentation by reducing the use of paper
  • Enable mobility for your clinicians and staff with secure access to real-time information on mobile devices
  • Deliver best-practice, evidence-based care with access to analytic and alerting capabilities at the point of care


Arcus is available in Asia only.