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Clinical & Care Management

Helps residential aged care providers to improve business processes and provide quality care to residents

Clinical and Care Management can help you to improve the way you manage business processes and provide quality care to residents.

Clinical and Care Management is designed so that the most important resident information is brought to the surface - prioritising residents’ health and care. The user-friendly interface helps staff spend less time viewing and recording data and more time caring for residents.

The home page provides essential real time information – from resident alerts to overdue tasks. Using a tablet, staff can capture and retrieve integrated resident and clinical information at the point of care, helping to reduce errors and streamline productivity.

Staff can choose from over 100 aged care assessment forms developed in accordance with national standards. They can also record daily observations and easily convert them into charts for individual or multiple residents. Key clinical alerts – including blood pressure, blood glucose and weight – notify staff to any key changes in resident health.

There is no need to input data into a separate ACFI system, with an inbuilt calculator automatically linking all supporting evidence and documentation relating to ACFI appraisals. The optimisation tool indicates potential gains in funding available to an organisation, maximising funding opportunities.