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Queue Manager

The smart way to manage Outpatient check-in and appointments

Queue Manager is outpatient check-in made easy for patients and staff. It can reduce wait times and help improve patient satisfaction by automating your Outpatient Department check-in process.

Queue Manager is a complete outpatient check-in solution, developed in partnership with leading Australian hospitals. When a patient attends your Outpatient Department, Queue Manager captures and verifies their patient information and automatically updates your clinical, patient administration, and billing systems. It also records the patient arrival time and status, assisting in more efficient scheduling.

Busy hospital outpatient departments face a number of issues for both patients and staff. These include a high number of failure-to-attends or did-not-waits, poor data compliance, high levels of staff overtime, long wait times and limited visibility of the patient journey. Hospitals need a simple, streamlined process. Patients need a seamless and informative arrival experience and regular updates of any delays. Staff need clear visualisation of all activity for all clinicians, their patients and the associated flow of activity. And all this needs to be tightly integrated with existing systems and processes.

How Queue Manager works:

Queue Manager


Some of the outcomes hospitals with Queue Manager have seen:

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What our customers say...

“Patient self-check-in at clinics at the Austin Hospital / Olivia Newton John Cancer centre! Just like Qantas – very cool.”

David Hansen, CEO, CSIRO Australian e-Health Research Centre