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Patient Flow Manager

Helps hospitals to deliver safe, timely and quality care

Patient Flow Manager lets you gain visibility of your hospital’s capacity and demand to help drive improved patient access and quality care outcomes.

Patient Flow Manager provides a comprehensive graphical view of all your patient flow information, drawing from your inpatient, elective, emergency, outpatient and other hospital systems. This means you can manage the patient journey within your hospital - from admission to discharge - more efficiently. Visualise real time bed capacity and demand, see patient status at a glance and forecast future demand – all from a computer, mobile device or touch screen journey board.

Patient Flow Manager can help you with the common challenges faced by hospitals including:

  • lack of visibility of capacity to meet demand 
  • overcrowding in emergency departments
  • limited visibility of patient status 
  • bed block
  • undocumented patient pathways 
  • poor discharge planning
  • inconsistent clinical handover 
  • inefficient inter-departmental communication
  • lost revenue 



Some of the outcomes hospitals with Patient Flow Manager have seen:

Patient Flow Manager


What our customers say...

“Having implemented Patient Flow Manager, allied health referrals are now seen in real time and therefore, consultations by the relevant staff professionals happen sooner, and more effectively, improving the quality of care”.

Tobi Wilson, former Chief Operating Officer, Royal Melbourne Hospital