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Enterprise Provider Directory

How healthy is your provider information?

The Enterprise Provider Directory (EPD) allows you to easily store and update all your provider information in one place, with your own customised directory that integrates with your existing internal systems and trusted national sources.

Connecting your health data

EPD is designed to support hospitals, health insurers and diagnostic services.

The centralised, enterprise wide solution allows you to create and maintain provider records, using customised content fields that suit your needs. The directory automatically receives and curate’s provider information from trusted national sources, and allows fields to be updated without overwriting the rest of the record. This provides an enriched dataset of consistent, current and comprehensive provider information including business contact information, national identifiers, and local index codes.


Single source of truth

Designed to enable a central point of truth for provider information, the directory reduces compliance costs by improving the identification of providers and their information. It can also lead to workflow improvements and duplication reduction, by reflecting centralised updates across connected internal systems. 

Built-in tools and workflows update provider details and disseminate changes from the central directory to the point of use, allowing provider information to be located quickly and increasing confidence around the exchange of clinical documentation, discharge summaries and referrals.

The EPD provides the following benefits and features:

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing internal systems, reducing the number of manual touchpoints required to keep information current
  • Improves patient care by improving the exchange of clinical documents
  • Reduces costs and the duplication of effort with a single source of truth for provider information
  • Is secure and allows you to manage privacy with defined user and role management
  • Is based on internationally recognized FHIR standard created by HL7 international, the directory supports current and future system integration
  • Option to host your directory in our cloud or on premise