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A web-based secure messaging system to transmit eReferrals, service requests and coordinate care

ConnectingCare secure messaging is a fast, convenient way for mobile healthcare providers and community agencies to securely exchange patient related information to assist with the coordination of healthcare.

ConnectingCare interfaces with the National Health Services Directory (NHSD), which contains information on more than 92,000 health and community service providers across Australia. ConnectingCare enables subscribed providers to send and receive eReferrals and other messages confidentially, optimising the client journey through the healthcare system.

Designed with interoperability at front of mind, ConnectingCare leverages the flexibility of the standard FHIR, allowing providers to dynamically define form requirements thereby reducing administrative delays. 

With ConnectingCare you can send and receive the following from subscribed providers:

  • Electronic referrals
  • Service requests
  • Care Coordination plans
  • Inter-agency reports


ConnectingCare offers:

  • National user base
  • Argus endpoint interoperability
  • Logged messaging with an audit trail
  • Overview and management of staff accounts
  • Reduced data entry where FHIR integration exists
  • SCTT12
  • Simplified work flow processes 
  • Responsive design

For over a decade hospitals, HACC service providers, community health centres and allied health providers have been powered by ConnectingCare.

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