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Our Vision & Strategy

Understand our values, our thinking and the strategic platform we’re creating for better healthcare


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The way healthcare is delivered is changing.

Telstra Health is embracing that change by developing solutions designed to build a better connected health system.

Regardless of the role you play - patient or practitioner, provider or government - our goal is the same; we want to make health care easier for you.

We want to increase convenience, lower costs, provide new choices and deliver a better experience. We want to make healthcare simpler.

That’s why we’ve invested in digital health solutions across the health system- including for GPs, aged and residential care, hospitals, radiology, pharmacy, indigenous care, health analytics and telemedicine.

And we’re connecting those services to empower patients in their own health, free healthcare professionals from paperwork and make all that medical data meaningful.

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Our six-point strategy

The opportunities for change across healthcare are diverse. To maximise our impact we are focussed on six key outcomes where we think we can lead the biggest change.


Reducing hospital and aged care admissions


Increasing access to healthcare regardless of location


Improving efficiency and productivity across the system

Consumer Control

Providing people with greater control of their health and wellness



Improving integration of health information


Creating a safer, efficient and more convenient pharmacy system




The Change is Here and Now

We’re already using technology to change healthcare.

Telehealth and remote health monitoring are changing where healthcare is delivered. Health informatics has changed what quality of care means and how it is measured. And provider applications such as hospital information systems are changing work processes through automation.

Through our acquisitions, investments and strategic relationships we have built a comprehensive suite of digital health capabilities and solutions to help us achieve our strategic outcomes.


Why Connection Matters

The change in healthcare delivery is driven by the complexity of an ageing population, increasing prevalence of chronic illness and unsustainable rising costs.

While technology is making healthcare more accessible, affordable and efficient, at Telstra Health we believe real change comes by connecting health services together so that they better reflects the user’s needs.

There’s no lack of digital innovation in health but solutions tend to be developed in isolation without thought of integration. By having a presence across the health system, we are creating integrated solutions that are designed to be easier to use, move beyond episodic care and change outcomes.