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Improving lives through connected care

Telstra Health is the largest Australian-based provider of software for healthcare providers and funders. Our vision is to be the leading provider of digital health solutions that shape a connected future for healthcare.



Who we are

Telstra Health provides technology solutions that connect healthcare providers with patients and each other and help improve the quality, efficiency and security of health services in Australia.


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Healthcare has a digital future

Digitisation is fundamental to the transformation of healthcare and at Telstra Health, we believe in the ability of digital health technology to help care providers meet the challenges the sector is currently facing, and to change lives. We provide software products, solutions and platforms to healthcare providers and funders and are uniquely positioned, with a comprehensive digital footprint. Our solutions are designed to assist healthcare providers in delivering the very best care.


We connect health information, clinicians and consumers and have a unique footprint across the sector:

  • - More than 2700 pharmacies use our dispensing and point of sale software, and more than 200 million prescriptions a year are exchanged on our electronic prescription exchange platform;
  • - More than 350 aged and disability care providers depend on our software solutions;
  • - We provide clinical and administrative information systems to more than 100 public and private hospitals, and over 200 Indigenous health service sites;
  • - More than 150 healthcare organisations internationally use our healthcare analytics solutions;
  • - We are delivering screening registers to improve care across whole populations;
  • - We are enabling clinicians to deliver care in new ways through our telehealth and consumer solutions.

We are continuing to invest in the development of new healthcare solutions and technologies to support the changing needs of the sector. We continue to support development and proudly retain the involvement of clinicians and founders.

Our goal is to improve lives through connected healthcare by enabling healthcare providers to integrate and personalise care. We are committed to providing digital health solutions that shape a connected future for healthcare.

The Telstra advantage

Telstra Health is backed by Telstra Corporation and, since 2014, we have invested more than $240 million in a portfolio of important, impactful solutions that span the nation’s healthcare sector, including public and private hospitals, pharmacy, aged and disability care, primary care and community health, indigenous health, population health, health data analytics and telehealth.