Gain intelligent, real-time, actionable insights and predictions from your data 

Telstra Health Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables you to gain intelligent, real-time, actionable insights and predictions from your data.

Our Advanced Analytics suite can integrate large volumes of disparate data across the care continuum in a secure and scalable environment, supporting your organisation with interoperability, identifying capacity constraints and population health trends, enabling faster and better decision making. The solutions also support clinicians in improving patient outcomes and experiences, and enhancing clinician awareness and engagement.

And our advanced analytics experts and data scientists work with you to uncover hidden connections in your data, to provide diagnostic insights about the past and future for mitigating risks.


Key Benefits

Demand and Capacity Management

Our team of experts have developed demand forecasting and capacity management algorithms to improve capacity planning (e.g. through avoiding bed block and ramping), enabling frontline staff to focus on what’s important.

Cost and efficiency

Our costing system integration enables us to provide deeper insights into cost analysis and activity and operational performance data, as well as the impact of flow of funds, supporting the development of business cases and forecast models.

Personal to Population

Our analytics services analyse aggregated data to help drive operational, organisational, and policy decisions across the entire healthcare spectrum – from decisions that support individual patient care through to whole of population health. 

Quality, Safety and Accreditation

Our quality, safety and accreditation analytics help to maintain high-quality patient care and minimise overhead in meeting reporting and regulatory requirements.

Analytics Driven Clinical Decision Support

Our analytics capabilities support clinical and operational teams with decision-making at the front line. Combining clinically reviewed industry guidance with up-to-date analytics supports clinicians in delivering the best outcomes for their patients.

Why Telstra Health Analytics and AI   

Telstra Health is a global organisation with deep experience and expertise across the health and aged care sectors, supporting thousands of clinicians and healthcare workers in multiple countries to realise a connected and improved digital experience for all.  

Our interoperable digital health solutions cover the entire health and aged care ecosystems, enabling us to link data sets and create a longitudinal patient-centric view of healthcare. 

Our strengths in integration, interoperability and connected health complemented by our deep experience in population health, predictive analytics and AI mean that we can support your organisation with:

Advanced Analytics Platform

A multi-use data analytics environment supporting

  • Analytics as a service
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictive analytics
  • Collaboration between health organisations
  • Clinical decision support
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Analytics & Benchmarking

The Analytics solution focuses on delivering

  • Analytics as a product or service
  • Benchmarking operational and financial KPIs
  • Focus on clinical safety balance with flow of funds
  • Actionable insights delivered by experts
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Decision Support

Working with clinicians to tailor a decision support framework, including

  • Patient level Insight
  • Risk stratification
  • Clinical decision support
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Predictive Analytics

Supporting organisational and financial operations, including

  • Demand and capacity management
  • Staffing requirements
  • Virtual care/care in the home
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Digital Twin

Our Digital Twin is an AI-enabled health system which models hospitals’ operations transforming forecasting and long-term planning, providing

  • Simulation and forecasting
  • Scenario modelling
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