Key features

  • E-referrals
  • Secure messaging
  • Provider data management
  • Integration gateways
  • Mobile access for doctors and patients

Sub-features of Kyra Connect

The Enterprise Provider Directory (EPD)

The Enterprise Provider Directory (EPD) manages near real-time updates of provider, service and organisation details instantaneously across health organisation systems according to their own business rules

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Secure Messaging - Argus

Our Secure Messaging solution is expertly designed to provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to exchange patient information across multiple health providers in organisations of all sizes.

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e-Referrals is a dynamic tool that helps enable users to easily create and manage online forms.

Designed to offer health services increased operational efficiency, e-referrals reduces the need for traditional paper or PDF forms by directly and instantly transmitting data into the recipient’s nominated system.

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