Advice to Telstra Health customers and stakeholders on our response to COVID-19

As the circumstances around COVID-19 continue to evolve Telstra Health is responding and continuing to support our customers. We recognise how important access to health and aged care services is during this period.

Reflecting Telstra’s policies we have introduced a number of changes to prioritise caring for our people and our customers, while providing for continuity of services.

Continuity of services

  • As an organisation we prepare for potential significant external events and have policies and practices to respond during periods such as this. 
  • We have been implementing these policies over the past weeks as the circumstances with COVID-19 have evolved and continue to review them.
  • We know that as healthcare providers you are implementing similar policies. We will always take these into account in our interactions with you. 
  • Many of our platforms are cloud based meaning we can continue to provide support without needing to physically be onsite to do so.
  • Where possible we are seeking to postpone onsite training or offer videoconferencing or telephone consultations as an alternative. 
  • Where an external meeting or site visit is essential we are introducing strict policies as to who attends and how this is organised with our customers. If a meeting with you or your organisation is required, we will discuss this with you.

Caring for our people and the customers we serve

  • We are introducing a range of policies to provide for the wellbeing of your team and the patients you care for as well as the wellbeing of our team. 
  • Where it is necessary to visit patients or clients we will always confer with you first and work to the policies you have in place.
  • Onsite activities in hospitals will only be at the request of customers. 
  • We will be ceasing visits to residential aged care facilities over the coming week, however support will still be available for these facilities and you can find out further information by contacting your Telstra Health lead.
  • Our Communicare team that supports many Aboriginal Medical Services and rural and remote communities will also be ceasing site visits unless there is some absolute necessity. Support will still be available to these communities and you can find out further information by contacting your Telstra Health lead.
  • For the majority of our staff we have transitioned to working from home arrangements from this week. We have been planning for this and have the technology to do so. 
  • For our staff who must be at our various sites across Australia and in the United Kingdom, we have introduced steps to provide for their safety and ensure the continuity of our business. This includes rostering for staff who must be present because they work in a secure environment or for other reasons.
  • We have also postponed our planned external events as well as all meetings of more than 25 people. 
  • Where practical we are also encouraging all meetings to take place via videoconference rather than in person.

Our ongoing support

Telstra Health has introduced these measures because we are committed to providing you with ongoing support and minimising disruption. We recognise how important the ongoing delivery of health and aged care is at this time and will review these policies frequently in order to provide this support.

Please contact your Telstra Health lead at any time with any questions or feedback. You can also contact us. We will also communicate with you as necessary to provide updated advice.