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PowerAnalytics provides comprehensive performance reporting for the evaluation of operational and financial performance for Healthcare Providers.

Our advanced analytics uses a standardised methodology to measure and evaluate the impact of initiatives and supports both benchmarking with peers against normalised data and standards-based KPIs in interactions with regulators. PowerAnalytics combines a business intelligence product with structured performance improvement services provided by financial, operational, and clinical specialists, to help you understand your data better and develop actionable insights and predictions from complex data sets.

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Key product benefits

Improving costs and efficiency

PowerAnalytics accelerates the acquisition of disparate data sets into a central data set and standardised schema optimised for analytics, easily connecting clinical, operational and financial data to create actionable insights for creating flow of funds and capacity efficiencies.  Our ‘out of the box’ analytics enables BI teams to focus on implementing change, rather than collection and cleaning of data.

Costing system integration

Our costing system integration enables:

• A greater depth of insight into cost analysis, revealing the impact of flow of funds within the organisation, e.g. identification of inadequate billing per diagnosis-related group (DRG);

• Identification of trends and best practices for treatment protocols to support new models of care and reduce risk;

• Tangible insights for supporting business cases and forecast models; and

• Natural Language Interrogation allowing for bespoke analytics.

Quality, Safety and Accreditation

PowerAnalytics provides supporting evidence to demonstrate that your organisation strives to provide safe care to patients in accordance with the National Safety and Quality Standards.


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