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Helps community care organisations to gain visibility of clients and staff

ComCare empowers community care organisations by providing staff and client information in a centralised and integrated software solution. 

ComCare can help you:

Reduce manual processes

ComCare lets care staff record information electronically in real time; resulting in faster, specialised care with minimal paperwork.

Streamline work in the field

The ComCare Mobile app provides detailed information for staff in the field. Up-to-date, electronic client data helps enable better care, creates efficient processes for coordinators, and reduces paper documentation.

Optimise rostering to save time

Route Optimisation and Visit Allocation (ROVA) automates the rostering process to create optimal schedules based on client preferences, provider attributes and organisation requirements. ROVA significantly reduces travel while also improving the continuity of client care.

Reduce travel costs

ComCare Mobile can predict and verify the address of a client visit as the information is entered into the device. Integrated with Google Maps, ComCare ensures the most efficient travel route is provided, saving your business time and money.

Increase transparency with data analytics

ComCare reports on key client and staff information to enable your organisation to make informed decisions on staff management and business processes.

ComCare Desktop

ComCare Desktop is an integrated client management solution that provides a central record for your clients, staff and external service providers, which includes:

  • Person management
  • Scheduling and rostering
  • Travel optimisation
  • Timesheets
  • Referral management
  • Contracts and billing management
  • Fleet, assets and consumables management
  • Staff location in real time


ComCare Enterprise

If your organisation requires additional functionality, ComCare Enterprise expands on the Desktop features to suit even the largest organisation, and includes:

  • Process flows
  • Feedback and incident management
  • Dynamic questionnaires
  • Wound management

ComCare Mobile

ComCare Mobile captures and display real time information such as:

  • Client records
  • Care plans
  • Wound management
  • Group activities
  • Service and goal planning
  • Timesheets and expenses
  • Progress notes
  • Appointment details and instructions
  • Daily work lists
  • Instant internal messaging desktop to mobile
  • Turn by turn navigation via integration with Google Maps


What our customers say...

“HammondCare’s implementation of ComCare was a true partnership and collaboration between the HammondAtHome team, the HC ICT team and the ComCare software development, implementation and management teams. This collaboration resulted in a smarter and extremely effective implementation for HammondCare, which has provided a technology platform that has enabled a smooth transition to a CDC world and positioned us well for the changes in 2017.”  

ROB BINSKIN- Chief Information Officer - HammondCare